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The TRF-CHE-Scopus Researcher Awards are designed to recognize outstanding and exemplary new researchers and mid-career researchers who have received grants from The Thailand Research Fund (TRF) and The Commission on Higher Education (CHE).

Research Productivity, Research Impact, Research Excellence as well as Social or Scientific Impact will be used by distinguished panelists as important criteria to award the winners. These awards are jointly supported by TRF, CHE and Scopus.

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The awards will be given out in the following six categories

  The awards are given at two level

1) TRF-CHE-Scopus Young Researcher Awards 6 awards, cash prize 75,000 baht per award and plaque
2) TRF-CHE-Scopus Researcher Awards 6 awards, cash prize 150,000 baht per award and plaque


Announcement of awards July 1, 2011
Application and nomination period July 1 - August 15, 2011
Closing of application Midnight, August 15, 2011
Awarding the winners October 14, 2011 at The 11th TRF-CHE Annual Congress


Criteria Indicators
1. Number of Publication Number of publications - Only publication as first or corresponding authors are considered
2. Quality of Journal Judged by peers in the same field
3. Research Impact Number of citations - Excluding self-citation
4. Research Excellence H-Index
Evaluation of each candidate's 4 best papers
4. Social or Scientific Impact Documented social or scientific impact

Criteria #1, 2, 3,4 are to be searched by SCOPUS:

  • The publications will include only those generated from the research supported by TRF-CHE or TRF
  • For Social Sciences and Humanities, the research output could be in the forms of published articles in international   or national journals or books etc. Clear evidence supporting the quality of the research outputs, such as citation and/or social impact must also be submitted.

Criteria #5:

The social or scientific impact will be judged from a brief summary of the main theme/contribution of the research (1) Science & Technology - no more than 1 page based on not more than 4 selected papers, (2) Humanities and Social Sciences - no more than 4 pages based on published articles, and/or books, and/or other documents


  1. Applicants for TRF-CHE-Scopus Young Researcher Awards must be the recipients of New Researcher Grants that are co-funded by TRF and CHE or TRF alone. The application must be submitted either before or within 2 years after submission of the final report.

  2. Applicants for TRF-CHE-Scopus Researcher Awards must be the recipients of Mid-career Researcher Grants co-funded by TRF and CHE or the equivalent research grants (Metheevijai) awarded by TRF. The application must be submitted either before or within 2 years after the submission of the final report.

  3. The publications must be of high quality and innovative. The published research papers should demonstrate that they have led to the creation of new knowledge and/or new discoveries. They must also acknowledge the support of CHE and/or TRF.  Other research outputs such as, patents or works that have been applied for commercialization, public policy, public benefit will also be considered, but there must be rigorous evidence to support the claims.

  4. The research work must be carried out mostly in Thailand.

  5. Those who have received each category of the above mentioned grants twice could also submit their collective research outputs to be considered for the awards, since this will demonstrate the continuity and thematic of their research, as well as the impacts that are generated.

Announcement of the Awards

The announcement of the award winners will be made during the 11th TRF-CHE ANNUAL CONGRESS, on 14th October 2011 at Holiday Inn Resort Regent Beach Cha-AM. 

For more information on these awards, please contact TRF-CHE-Scopus Awards Secretariat at: Siripat@trf.or.th or Elsevier, Mr Lionel New at: l.new@elsevier.com

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