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Eligibility & Evaluation


Past Recipients

A1. The ProSPER.Net-Scopus Young Scientist Award (YSA) is annually given to young scientists and researchers in recognition of their outstanding work for sustainable development. The award is the result of a partnership with Elsevier, responsible for Scopus, the largest database of peer-reviewed literature. As ProSPER.Net strives to integrate sustainability issues in different fields, award categories also change every year to reach a wide range of areas.

A2. Candidates need to be affiliated with an institution in Asia-Pacific (except for the US and Canada), to have completed their Ph.D. studies within a span of five years (please see website for detailed dates) and demonstrate their contribution to sustainable development.

A3. Any person who knows someone qualified according to the requirements (see Q2 above) may nominate a candidate.

A4. Applications and nominations should be submitted online through the links provided in the website.

A5. The application form should be preferably completed as extensively as possible. However, there are compulsory fields that should be filled out. The online submission of the application will only be accepted if the compulsory fields are completed.

A6. The award is given in recognition of research for sustainable development. Therefore, candidates need to submit evidence of the research impact for sustainable development through any means such as project reports, media, policy work etc., to demonstrate how the research work has been transforming communities, influencing policy, addressing development challenges and poverty related issues in sustainable ways.

A7. Sustainable development cuts across several fields of knowledge. Candidates need, therefore, to demonstrate how they integrate other fields’ aspects or collaborate with other researchers from different fields in the research or project implementation.

A8. Yes, a draft application may be saved before submitting the application.

A9. PhD graduation evidence, recommendation letter (optional) and list of publications must be uploaded or attached to the online application.

A10. The panel will screen all candidates and will select three finalists for each category. Only finalists will be contacted through e-mail by the YSA Secretariat in late June.

A11. The awardees will be announced on ProSPER.Net website (http://prospernet.ias.unu.edu/) after the symposium.



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