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Engineering Academic Challenge
Put text based challenges into real world problems – Introducing the Engineering Academic Challenge 

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A Game-based Learning Approach to Information Literacy

Learn how Drexel University incorporated the Knovel Academic Challenge to improve students understanding of technical concepts, critical thinking, cognitive monitoring and creative problem solving.

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Watch the 3-minute video on why you should register


Empowering UNCHARTED Knowledge.Charting a system for urban sustainability 

Megacities hold the potential to concentrate poverty or broaden the distribution of resources. To ensure sustainable development, urbanization must not go UNCHARTED.

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Zika Virus Resource Center!

Visit Zika virus resource center for free access to medical research, online tools and expert advice on the Zika virus. Elsevier's
 goal is to provide these resources for free as 
the Zika crisis continues.

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Dr. Iain Clarke, an author of 475 research papers
The multi-award winning professor of Physiology tells you how researchers can improve the chance of acceptance of their paper or grant submissions through a comprehensive approach in research and citation.

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Dr. Adrian Dyer, a published author, and an editor and reviewer 
With more than 200 research papers and many awards to his name, Dr. Basu believes in the power of “older works” to produce impactful research.

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Aug 25, Thursday, 12pm ET
Using Pure and SciVal Together for Analysis of Research Output

July 21, Thursday, 12pm ET

Scopus: What types of APIs does Scopus offer and how can you benefit?

June 16, Thursday, 12pm ET
Scopus: Using the right metrics

May 19, Thursday, 12pm ET
Scopus: How Author Profiles work and how they can help showcase your research

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