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ProSPER.Net-Scopus YSA 2011 > ProSPER.NET-Scopus YSA 2011 - Application



  • have completed your Ph.D. degree between 01 July 2006 and 01 July 2011
  • are employed at institutions of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding USA and Canada).
  • are engaged in graduate education and research activities that emphasize sustainable development.
  • are an author who published in peer-reviewed Scientific literature or have registered patents

You may submit your application for the 3rd annual ProSPER.Net-Scopus Researcher Award 2011.


To submit an application, please follow the steps as listed below:


1. Download the supporting forms here. You should find these forms:

  • ProSPER.Net-Scopus2011-Recommendation Form.doc
  • ProSPER.Net-Scopus2011-Extended Form.doc
  • ProSPER.Net-Scopus2011-List of Publications.xls

2. Get ready the following forms to be submitted when you complete the online application for the award


a) Two (2) completed Recommendation Forms (To be completed by 2 referees)


b) Completed Extended Application Form (To be completed by applicant)

Please ensure the completed form is saved as: "ProSPER.Net-Scopus 2011_Extended Form{candidate's name}"


c) Completed List of Publication (To be completed by applicant)

Please ensure the completed list of publication is saved as: "ProSPER.Net-Scopus2011_List of Publication{candidate's name}"


d) Other supporting document.

If you have other supporting document to include, please upload the document using "Other Supporting Documents" option. If you have more than one file, it is recommended that you save all your file into one PDF file or 1 zip file. Please save it as: "Other Supporting Documents{candidate's name}"


Upon successful submission of the online application form, applicant will receive a Submission ID via email.


To amend a submitted application, please log in to http://yrae.elsevier.com/ApplicationForm.aspx 



The award symposium will be held the first week of July 2011 
at University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City.

Applications will close at midnight of 30 April 2011 

To Submit your nomination, please select the appropriate category:

ICT for Sustainable Development

Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management

Science & Technology with a Focus on Poverty Eradication

For more information on this award, please contact the ProSPER.Net-Scopus Awards Secretariat at: ysa@ias.unu.edu or Elsevier, Mr Lionel New, l.new@Elsevier.com.