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ProSPER.Net-Scopus YSA 2011 > ProSPER.Net-Scopus YSA 2011 - Awards

The Prosper.Net-Scopus Young Scientist Award in Sustainable Development is given annually to young scientists or researchers, based in the Asia-Pacific region, who have made significant contributions in the area of Sustainable Development.


For 2011, awards will be given in each of three areas: 


(1) ICT for Sustainable Development

     Application of ICT in areas such as:

  • Climate Change
  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Water
  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Forestry
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • MDGs
  • Increasing accessbility to healthcare
  • Poverty Reduction
  • Rural Sociology
  • Urban Planning
  • Governance supporting the above areas

(2) Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management

  • Ecosystem Management for sustainability
  • Protection of species and wildlife incuding landscape management and habitat restoration
  • Conservation of genetic resources
  • Economics of ecosystems and biodiversity, valuing biodiversity and ecosystem services, and the use of market-based instruments for biodiversity protection
  • Ecosystems and climate
  • Nature conservation policy inlcuding issues of trade
  • Sustainable use of marine, land and freshwater resources
  • Biodiversity for food and agriculture


(3) Science & Technology with a Focus on Poverty Eradication

  • S & T in rural and urban areas
  • S & T in low carbon innovation
  • S & T in renewable energy innovation
  • S & T in innovation in waste management
  • S & T in enterprise development
  • S & T and income generation
  • S & T and job creation
  • S & T and gender equity