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Scopus Young Researcher Awards 2010 > Scopus Young Researcher Awards 2010 - Application



APPLICATION for the Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Awards for 2010 has started. Click on the category button to get started with your application.

The awards will be presented at the Universities Australia Higher Education Conference in Canberra, Australia on 3 March 2010. 
Visit http://www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au/ to find out more!

Applications close Sunday, 10 January 2010, 12 Midnight, 
Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time








40 years of age or less as of 1st July 2009


Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident

Employment Status:

Employee of an Australian university who:

·   is currently engaged in research activities that fall under one of the Award categories
·  is employed on a 0.5 or above contract and not a full-time research student, although may be concurrently pursuing higher degree by research qualifications
·    is published in peer-reviewed literature and/or has an accepted patent/s

The evaluation is based on: 

1. Research impact - taking into account the average number of citations per paper and H-index (derived from Scopus, using Scopus data from 1996 onwards)
2. Research output - taking into account the average number of publications and patents per year (derived from Scopus, using Scopus data from 1996 onwards)
3. External Impact
4. Esteem Contribution
  Note: The application of Evaluation Criteria 1 and 2 will vary depending on the award category and academic discipline.

For more information, please email Meiling at m.tang@elsevier.com




Get ready the following forms to be submitted when completing the online application.


1. Getting the Forms

(Forms can be downloaded from the online application page:

option III. Attachment – Supporting Documents in the online application page.)



a. Recommendation Form.doc

b. Extended Application Form.doc

b. List of Publications.xls


2. Completing the forms



Upon completion, Item 1.a, b and c should be uploaded using option III. Attachment - Supporting Documents in the online application page.


a. Recommendation Forms

Two (2) completed Recommendation Forms (To be completed by 2 referees)


Please save file as:

SYRA10_Recommendation Form1_<Award Category>_<Applicant Name>

SYAR10_Recommendation Form2_<Award Category>_<Applicant Name>


b. Extended Application Form

Completed Extended Application Form (To be completed by applicant)


Please save file as:

SYRA10_Extended Application Form_<Award Category>_<Applicant Name>


c. List of Publications

Completed List of Publications (To be completed by applicant)

Please save file as:

SYRA10_List of Publications_<Award Category>_<Applicant Name>


d. Other Supporting Document

It is recommended that you save all supporting documents into one (1) PDF file. In the event should there be more than one (1) PDF file, please ensure that you save all your publications into one (1) .zip file


Please save your Supporting Document file as: "Supporting Document<Applicant name>"


3. A complete application should include:


1.       Completed fields in the online application page

2.       All the Supporting documents mentioned in point no. 2


Upon submission of the online application form, you will receive a Submission ID via email. To view or amend a submitted application, please login to http://yrae.elsevier.com/ApplicationForm.aspx using the Submission ID.


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