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Scopus Young Researcher Awards 2012



The Australasian researchers are well known internationally for their achievements and dedicated contributions to various fields of research. To honour these achievements ARMS and Elsevier are proud to bring you the Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Awards for 2012  

The Awards for 2012 will be presented with the following categories:

Sub categories guide, click here (this list only serve as a guide) 

1. Humanities and Social Sciences 
2. Physical Sciences
3. Engineering and Technology
4. Life Sciences and Biological Sciences
5. Medicine and Medical Sciences

The awards will be presented at the Australasian Research Management Society Conference in Gold Coast, Australia on Friday, 21st September 2012.                                        Visit http://www.arms2012.org.au/ to find out more!


 Eligibility Criteria   

40 years of age or less as of 1st July 2012
Australia or New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident
Employment Status:
*Employee of an Australasian Research Institution who: 
·   is currently engaged in research activities that fall under one of the Award categories
·  is employed on a 0.5 or above contract and not a full-time research student, although may be concurrently pursuing higher degree by research qualifications
·    is published in peer-reviewed literature

 Contact ARMS to check whether your institution is a member: ARMS_Secretariat@researchmanagement.org.au

Evaluation Criteria     


Early Career Researcher: PhD Year of Completion + 5 years (awarded a PhD or after 1st March 2007).Please click here for ECR Definition. Only last 2 years of output will be accessed (opportunity versus all of career).

2. Research Output - taking into account the average number of citations per paper and H-index (derived from Scopus) 
3. External Impact
4. Esteem Contribution
5. Scopus will be used as a tool for individual Researcher evaluation

Note: The application of Evaluation Criteria 1 and 2 will vary depending on the award category and academic discipline.


The review and decision process is managed by five panels. Each panel is made up of three experts. All panelists are selected by ARMS.

Our panelists for each category are:




Humanities & Social Sciences

Professor Linda Rosenman

Victoria University

Humanities & Social Sciences

Professor Nick Mansfield

Macquarie University

Humanities & Social Sciences

Professor Richard Dodgshun Bedford

Auckland University of Technology


Physical Sciences

Professor James Piper

Macquarie University

Physical Sciences

Professor Ignor Bray

Curtin University of Technology

Physical Sciences

Professor Andrea Gerson

University of South Australia


Engineering & Technology

Professor Grahame Baker

University of Southern Queensland

Engineering & Technology

Professor Mark A. Bradford

University of New South Wales

Engineering & Technology

Professor Max Lu

University of Queensland


Life Sciences & Biological Sciences

Professor Lee Astheimer

Deakin University

Life Sciences & Biological Sciences

Professor Michael Bull

Flinders University

Life Sciences & Biological Sciences

Professor Morgan Pratchett

James Cook University


Medicine & Medical Sciences

Professor Caroline McMillen

University of Newcastle

Medicine & Medical Sciences

Professor Michael Roberts

University of South Australia

Medicine & Medical Sciences

Professor Simon Foote

Macquarie University


The winner of each category will be invited to the award ceremony and Elsevier will pay for all travel and accommodation costs. The winner for each category will receive a certificate and cash prize, and all runners-up will receive a certificate.


· One application per person only.

Applicant to select the most appropriate category.

·  Previous Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Awards winners are not permitted to apply.  


Nominate someone


Fill, Upload and Submit


Submission deadline extended till Friday, 8th June 2012, Midnight.  
(All information including referees' reports will need to be submitted by 8th June 2012)


Application closes Friday, 1st June 2012, Midnight, 
Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time

For more information, please email Macy Lee - mac.lee@elsevier.com