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Scopus Young Researchers Award 2013

The Scopus Young Researcher Awards 2013 winners were announced on 13th September 2013, at the ARMS conference, Adelaide Convention Centre. Click here to find out who are the winners and runners up. 

The Scopus Young Researcher Awards are part of an Elsevier global initiative to recognize outstanding young scientists and researchers in Australasia who have made significant contributions in their areas of research.

The Awards for 2013 will be presented with the following categories:

Sub categories guide, click here. (This list only serves as a guide.)


(1) Humanities & Social Sciences

(2) Physical Sciences

(3) Engineering & Technology

(4) Life Sciences & Biological Sciences

(5) Medicine & Medical Sciences


Eligibility Criteria

Age: 40 years of age or less as of 1st July 2013.

Nationality: Australia or New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Employment Status: * Employee of an Australasian Research Institution who:

- is currently engaged in research activities that fall under one of the Award categories.

- is employed on a 0.5 EFT or above contract or continuing position and not a full-time research student, although may be concurrently pursuing higher degree by research qualifications.

- is published in peer-reviewed literature.


 Evaluation Criteria



1. Number of publication

Only the last 5 years (1st January 2008 -to 1st January 2013) of publication output will be accessed (derived from Scopus).

2. Research output

Number of citation (excluding self-citations), taking into account the average number of citations per paper, H-index and M-index (derived from Scopus & SciVal Strata).

3. External Impact

Documented evidence of the impact of the applicant's research has had outside the research field of study and academia generally, including any positive change (social/economic/technological,etc) brough about by, or any interventions induced by, the applicant's research.

4. Esteem Contribution

Documented evidence of the applicant's positive contributions to their field/s of research and or/to the broader research community. Contributions might include, for example, being an editor of recognized research publication; a fellow or member of a professional/academic society or learned academy; and/or public or professional recognitition of the applicant's research contributions.


Evaluation Process

 The review and decision process is managed by five panels. Each panel is made up of three experts. All panelists are selected by ARMS.

Our panelists for each category are:

Category Name Institution
Humanities & Social Sciences Professor Sharon Bell Charles Darwin University
Humanities & Social Sciences Professor Richard Bedford Auckland University of Technology
Humanities & Social Sciences Professor David Morrison Murdoch University
 Physical Sciences
Professor James Piper Macquarie University
 Physical Sciences Professor Andrea Gerson University of South Australia
 Physical Sciences Professor Martin Hand University of Adelaide
Engineering & Technology Professor Max Lu University of Queensland
Engineering & Technology Professor Mark Bradford University of New South Wales
Engineering & Technology Professor Richard Middleton University of Newcastle
Life Sciences & Biological Sciences Professor David Day Flinders University
Life Sciences & Biological Sciences Professor Graham Le Gros Victoria University of Wellington & Malaghan Institute of Medical Research
Life Sciences & Biological Sciences Professor Trevor Kilpatrick University of Melbourne
Medicine & Medical Sciences Professor Caroline McMillen University of Newcastle
Medicine & Medical Sciences Professor Fran Baum Flinders University
Medicine & Medical Sciences Professor Olaf Drummer Monash University & Victoria Institutte of Forensic Medicine



The winner of each category will be invited to the award ceremony and Elsevier will fully subsidized the travel and accommodation expenses. The winner for each category will receive a plaque and $1000 cash prize, and all runners-up will receive a certificate.


Past years awards



  • One application per person only.
  • Applicant to select the most appropriate category.
  • Previous Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Award winners are not permitted to apply.



Nominate someone


Fill, Upload and Submit


                          Nomination is not mandatory, applicant may direct apply via the application link.


Submission deadline extended till Tuesday, 4th June 2013, Midnight.  

Application closes Sunday, 2nd June 2013, Midnight, 
Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time

Contact Macy Lee for more information: mac.lee@elsevier.com or +61 (0) 450 587 427.